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Dunja Botic specialises in teaching Balkan vocal techniques, traditional storytelling and choral and solo performance from the Eastern and Southern Europe to both private students and workshops for adults and children.

She offers a number of different workshop series including 'Story and Song in Mediterranean Music.' This series is split into four workshops that focus on:

Understanding Breathing and the Voice

In this first session we will look to cover games and techniques that will support the performance of singers in any style, and introduce participants to the sound world of Southern and Eastern Europe.

An introduction to Ornamentation

In the second session we will cover the basic techniques that allow you to develop the confidence, flexibility and precision to sing in a range of styles. This session will help singers situate their voice within the traditions of Eastern and Southern Europe.

Choral singing and vocal arranging

In this session we will focus on choral singing from Northern Greece, looking at the different ways we can tell stories together, and bring songs alive using harmonies, drones and sounds from nature.

Performance Master Class

In this final session we will each look to work together both as soloists and as part of our ensembles, fine-tuning our performance skills, and bringing together all the songs that form the life-cycle of traditional music.